“Part of the inspiration for ‘Addiction’ was the conversations I had with people who had asked about David. I thought about the wide range of addictions that all human beings are subject to, and the fact that there’s not a huge conversation surrounding that. I didn’t like the fact that people were judging David, just as I wouldn’t want people judging me for being a food and sugar addict. Instead of addiction being a societal norm, I think prevention should be a societal given. I feel like a lot of people can relate to the song and that it could be a catalyst to start the larger conversation.” Kristen Speller

Welcome, I'm Kristen. I'm a Cape Verdean American Rock Musician! I am a vocalist, songwriter, producer, dulcimer & guitar player. I write songs to consciously bring light to subjects within the context of global peace and change within this world. I was humbly awarded The Global Peace Song Award, April 22nd, 2018.